Miracles Happen!

A miracle happened in our house this weekend - April 27-28, 2002.
This miracle was so "GREAT", I had to memorialize the moment....

Lindsay and Miranda's Room

Notice how you can SEE the top of the dresser!
I wasn't sure that there was one!!

Carpet? Gosh!! I always thought they were practicing
the ancient art of "walking on toys"!

As you can see, they both have chairs at their desks.
This was another mystery solved. My mind many times has
interpreted these "chairs" as having clothes on!

Yes!! You guessed it! Beds can be made!
This is "TRULY" a miracle!

Another fine example of the bed making miracle!
Also take note of the "top" of the nightstand.
This is the same type of miracle that happened with the dresser.

I always suspected that video cassettes came with cases and
they were not permantly attached to the VCR.

And finally....
The closet...
I wasn't aware that kids clothes fit on hangers!
Notice how the clothes actually do fit into the hamper and aren't
jumping out for safety!

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